Sresky - Top 1 Solar lighting solutions manufacturer for 17 years
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          Smart Solar Enhances Future , Make The World More Brighter

          Latest Technology

          Sresky provides App intelligent control system for all solar street lamps, let us experience the new trend together ?

          staff 3

          16 Years Of R&D experience...

          Shenzhen Sresky Industry Company is established in 2004 and has awarded state-level high-tech enterprise!

          SRESKY has obtained national high-tech enterprise certification for ten consecutive years. It has more than 800 certificates including ISO9001, ISO14000, ISO45001, and more than 60 patents.

          SRESKY has an industrial area of more than 30,000 square meters and more than 300 technical staff, including more than 50 professional R&D engineers. Read more...

          Continuous Product Invention with Smart Technology

          * In Sresky every product is independently developed, designed and manufactured by Sresky with patent,Whether in design or technology, we are keep innovating and breaking through every year !
          *?3 core NEW technologies ALS,TCS,FAS which give customers more room for pricing and profit !


          "Thousands of Projects in 200+ city and countries

          Parking lot

          Suitable for Vairous outdoor Parking Area.

          Street road

          Street lighting solutions for driveway, walkway etc.

          Garden & Park

          Wall,Steps, lawn, doorplate,fence etc.

          Lakeside & seaside

          Coastline, sea, beach,Lakeside etc.

          Scenic spot

          For tourist public areas & Remote villages.

          Mines & Desert

          Suitable for Dusty& Hot Mining Area and Desert.

          Ask Your Queries

            Ask Your Queries

            Thank you very much for your trust and we feel honored to receive your message.
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